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Mark Bordeaux is a dear friend and partner in the ministry. I have had the pleasure of leading events at churches under Mark's leadership and have been blessed by his passion, transparency, and leadership abilities. His experience organizing area-wide crusades he has shown his ability to lead a variety of believers to work together to fulfill the Great Commission. 


God has gifted Mark to enable him to clearly and powerfully communicate His word with a variety of audiences. He loves people of all age groups. Mark is compassionate and encouraging, yet uncompromising in the truth. He understands Christ's call is to "make disciples," rather than superficial "decisions."


Mark's many years of ministry in various places including his work in Russia prove his commitment to Christ and His calling. His devotion to doctoral work in Church Revitalization combined with his experience in churches of various sizes, places, and various challenges qualify him to help churches become more holy, healthy, and growing. He understands the struggles and heartaches of pastors as only a pastor can.


Mark always seeks to be real and relevant without pretense. I know that as He continues to follow Christ Mark will be a great encouragement and blessing to the churches and groups who invite him to speak, evangelize, and consult. I look forward to more opportunities to serve with Mark in the years to come.








One of the most important aspects of commendation for a fellow believer and Christian leader is that of ongoing consistency and the affirmation of a long track record. This is something that has absolutely been exhibited in Mark Bordeaux's life. I have known this to be true for greater than some two decades.


 I first met Mark in the humble community in which I was raised. Mark served as the Senior Pastor in that congregation on the west side of town. Though the congregation was on the outskirts of the community and in a facility that was unsubstantial in size, Mark's leadership quickly led that church to a point of evangelistic and ministry impact... throughout not only the community but the county proper. 


 This is noteworthy due to the fact that many other area churches had longer-tenured pastors, greater resources, and more history. Those factors were unmatched to Mark's evangelistic zeal and leadership impact. During that time under his shepherding, that local church (New Haven Church) became a vibrant community of faith that touched my life and many others. 


 In addition to all this, Mark Bordeaux was a leader who was among the first whose commitment to Christ deeply affected my thinking about Christian living and discipleship. His life genuinely exhibited vibrant spiritual vitality and verve, just as it continues today. These factors and others represent my commendation of Mark to others. 




























Mark Bordeaux led our church in a 6-week study entitled “Discovering Discipleship.”  While the material was very familiar to most of those who attended, the feedback was very positive.  Mark uses his vast experience in the ministry and life to relate to people where they are to help them understand the importance of making sure they are genuinely Disciples of Christ.


God used Mark in a significant way at Airport Baptist Church, not just through his teaching and preaching, but God used him to reveal the truth concerning some struggles that we were facing at the time.  Because of Mark’s guidance and instruction, we, as a church, are making an effort to become the New Testament Church that brings Glory to God through the process of first, making sure we are disciples and second, making disciples of others.  


His intelligence and Biblical knowledge is evident in his teaching and preaching.  However, Mark is a Holy Spirit led, down to earth, practical minister of the Gospel, who speaks to the heart of people and not over their heads.


On a personal note, I consider Mark a Christian brother, personal counselor, and confidant.  While I have only known Mark five months, he has made an indelible mark in my life.  I have gone to him several times for personal guidance and encouragement.  I highly recommend Mark Bordeaux and Life Worth Living Ministries to all who desire to understand the Great Commission and how to flesh that out in real life.  


In His Grip,

Mark Alan Lawing, Pastor                       






Jerry Pipes

Louisiana College, Vice President of Advancement

Freddy Cardoza

Dean | Grace Theological Seminary at Grace College & Seminary


I have always been highly impressed with Mark's engagement of the lost. While serving as Associate Pastor in Hazlehurst, Mark was a pastor in a nearby city, Baxley.


At that time, Mark became a good friend and co-laborer for Christ. On multiple levels with associational work, Mark led the city to a greater passion for the lost and winning souls.


Since that time, Mark also came to Russia to win souls and lead pastoral training. I have always looked up to Mark's commitment to the main thing- bringing lost people to Jesus.


Buck Burch

Missions Catalyst at Georgia Baptist Mission Board


Mark Lawing

Pastor, Airport Baptist Church

Greer, SC

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