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The Crisis facing the church

  • Only 20% of Americans attend church regularly[i]

  • 65% of churches are plateaued or declining[ii]

  • Our younger generation is largely without interest in God

  • Only two in ten Millennials believe church attendance is important[iii]

  • 59% of Millennials who grew up in church have dropped out

  • “More than one-third of Millennial young adults (35%) take an anti-church stance.”[iv]

  • 94% of churches are growing slower than the population around them[v]

  • If trends continue, church attendance in 2050 is estimated to be almost half of 1990’s attendance – a drop from 20.4% to 11.7%[vi]


The nation’s largest protestant denomination, The Southern Baptist Convention, shows signs of life as it saw the number of churches increase by 270 in 2017 and overall giving increased by $267 million, yet…

  • Membership fell for the 11th consecutive year

  • 1.3 million members have been lost since 2006

  • Worst of all, baptisms continue an 11-year slide[vii]


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