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Following Christ Together

From the back cover:

The Choice We Must Make…


There are beautiful examples of healthy, loving, disciple-making churches impacting their communities and the world. They are crystal clear in their mission and unapologetically biblical in their values. While none are perfect, these churches glorify God because they are unified in their love for Christ, their neighbors, and their determination to make disciples. Their legacy will be future generations of Christ-followers carrying the gospel around the world long after they are gone.

Sadly, this is not the norm. The painful truth is that many local churches are plateaued, divided, declining, dying, or growing at a pace slower than their community. Some may have crowds, beautiful buildings, and a large budget, yet are struggling with how to disciple a congregation that prefers to be spectators.


Mark Bordeaux believes the Head of the Church can still bring His people to repentance, revival, and lasting revitalization. He not only believes it, but he also has experienced it firsthand. In addition to seeing the damage the Evil One can cause among God’s people, He has also had a front-row seat to witness what God can do when His people seek Him with passion and persistence.


Following Christ Together is not just another course to occupy the time of church members. Underneath the simple teaching from Scripture are the keys to clearing away the clutter and changing the culture of a church. Following Christ Together is not only prescriptive—good medicine for the inward-focused and irrelevant church, but it can also be preventative—by ensuring that all new members begin their journey with an intentional plan of discipleship aligned with Christ’s purpose and plan for His people.


The choice we must make is to join the Lord on mission and go forward…


…Following Christ Together!

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