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What they said...

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Johnny Hunt
Assistant Vice-President of Evangelism and Pastoral Leadership at the North American Mission Board

"When one makes a commitment to church revitalization, they quickly realize that it is the need of the majority of American Churches. Mark helps us by beginning with God’s purpose for His disciples. Fill that disciple with God’s Spirit and God’s vision and a dynamic adventure begins. This book will lead you with great clarity to see His purpose become a reality."

Jerry Drace.jpeg

Jerry Drace
Evangelist and Senior Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church
Friendship, Tennessee

"As an evangelist for 38 years and a pastor for ten, I am thrilled to recommend Dr. Bordeaux's, Following Christ Together: Discovering Discipleship and Developing Disciples. He has certainly achieved his stated purpose of helping the church connect with newcomers and providing them with the essentials to become mature followers of Christ. This resource could well be the companion to Experiencing God. Applying the practical and insightful teachings in this resource would reverse the declining trends occurring in our Southern Baptist Convention.

Mark's years of practicing what he is teaching have proven to add both depth and width to the body of Christ. I have never found a more comprehensive and effective tool for fulfilling our Lord's command to "make disciples". I encourage every pastor to make this a basic teaching in the life of his church.”

Jerry Pipes.jpeg

Jerry Pipes

Jerry Pipes, Pastor and President of Jerry Pipes Productions, Pineville, Louisiana

"I was totally impressed with your material and will definitely use it in my future ministry endeavors. This is an excellent introduction to the Christian life and the church. Congratulations on this great work!"

Freddy Cardoza.jpeg

Freddy Cardoza
Dean of Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana

Following Christ Together was an invigorating read and since curriculum is a big, big part of my work-- inside the church and in education, it's supremely interesting to me. There are a lot of churches that don't have such a program and should have such a resource to use in their ministries. Many pastors are either unprepared to write their own curriculum or too busy (or both). So, I'm glad you've taken up this massive task as we must have a new missional mindset and the gospel must become front and center.

Hal Mayer.jpeg

Hal Mayer
Leadership Coach and Church Consultant

"Mark is an excellent writer and very thorough. He has done an outstanding job and provided some great resources!"

Frankie Melton.jpeg

 Frankie Melton 
Pastor of Heath Springs Baptist Church in Heath Springs,   South Carolina and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, North Greenville University

I loved it! I enjoyed reading Following Christ Together, it is an excellent resource. It is very needful for the church. You really touched on some important subjects for the church. It is well written, well thought out, and biblical.

Mark Lawing 2.jpeg

Mark Lawing
Pastor, Temple Baptist Church
Spartanburg, SC

Mark uses his vast experience in the ministry and life to relate to people where they are to help them understand the importance of making sure they are genuinely Disciples of Christ. His intelligence and Biblical knowledge is evident in his teaching and preaching. However, Mark is a Holy Spirit led, down to earth, practical minister of the Gospel, who speaks to the heart of people and not over their heads.

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