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Every Morning

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What are mornings like for you?

Even if you are not a "morning" person, I want to tell you how to look forward to mornings!

Most people I know are racing to leave for work on time when their alarm sounds. Some have kids they need to wake, feed, and get dressed so they are not late for school.

Most mornings, by the time I left for school, I was off to a good start even though I wasn't a "morning person." You see, every morning my mom would wake me and have breakfast waiting on me (don't ask how many times I pleaded for "five more minutes"). And every morning, from kindergarten to my first year in college, before I went out the door my dear mother would tell me she loved me and to have a good day.

Of course, "Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Mt. 6:34b).

But no matter how my day went, thanks to my mom, my mornings were nearly always good. Every morning was a fresh start.

You may not have had "good" mornings as a child. Even today, your days may start with heavy burdens, regret, and even dread.

Despite these very real challenges we all face in life, I have discovered a way to start your day with hope. You can begin your day confidently and with purpose.

"How?" you ask.

Accept God's mercy!

Wait! Don't miss that! I know some will say, "That's too simple!" or "I'm not religious!"

Some may even say, "I've done that and I still dread waking up in the morning!"

I hear you and I get it.

Let me show you how you can begin your days with peace and power.

There was a prophet of God (a man chosen by God to proclaim His message and promises) named, "Jeremiah." He was in one of the worst situations you can imagine.

His nation was under siege. Things were bad and getting worse. But God gave Him good news! God told him what to tell the leaders so the people would be spared!

There was only one problem.

The leaders and people did not believe Jeremiah's message came from God. They made wild accusations against him. Some tried to kill him and he was thrown into a miserable pit. No friends. No food. No water. No bathroom facilities. Just misery (Lam. 3:1-20).

He was in a terrible situation and he even felt God had forsaken him. But something gave him hope!

Listen to what he said at one of his lowest times:

Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: 22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness (La 3:21–23 Empasis mine).

Jeremiah had hope because he knew the Lord loved him and it was God's love that kept him alive. Every morning was new because the Lord's mercy was new.

Here's how we can have hope every morning:

  • Accept God's love - The fact is that the Lord loves you more than you'll ever comprehend

  • Receive His mercy - Because of His love for us, He has given us a new day and offers new mercy

  • Trust His faithfulness - Even though we have all sinned and failed God, He is faithful to offer mercy every day

Most mornings, my mom woke me because my dad was already at work. For 42 years, my dad worked for the railroad at all hours and in every kind of weather. Beginning with the Atlantic Coast Line and retiring from CSX, my dad was recognized for his courage and even saved a life. Most of all, he faithfully provided for us. I may not have seen him in the mornings, but each day had hope because of his faithfulness.

Each morning my mom provided reassuring love and fresh breakfast. And even though I didn't know what he was doing, my dad was faithfully working behind the scenes for our good.

Our God provides fresh mercy each morning and even when we have difficult days, He is always working behind the scenes for our good (Ro. 8:28).

Every morning can be new!

The Hebrew word for "new" in verse 23 is referring to something we have never experienced before. So, as every day is different and we have different challenges, God has given us fresh mercy.

God's mercy is based on the sacrifice of His Son for our sins. He can offer His mercy because Christ has paid for sin. When we humbly receive mercy from God we can be sure it does not have an expiration date!

I read about a man by the name of Werner "Jack" Genot. Genot wanted to be a hero. He came up with a story that he fought with the Marines and was taken captive in the Korean War. Genot's stories developed a life of their own and over some time, his heroism and awards grew.

Like many other "wannabe's," Genot was guilty of "Stolen Valor."

For two years he continued his hoax, even though an investigation showed his claims were false. He gave talks to school children, marched in parades, and even received a special license plate meant only for wounded veterans.

In an interview with a local newspaper, he finally admitted he had been lying all along. He said he was tired of the façade.

Describing his feelings of guilt, he said,

"You can't imagine what I'm going through," he said. "I didn't know how to shake this demon. But I went to bed with it every night, and I looked at it in the mirror every morning. I don't want to meet my Maker with this on my heart." 1

You may have never committed a sin that makes the newspapers, but sin still brings pain and ultimately death (Ro. 3:23). Your mornings may be miserable as you look in the mirror knowing what you have done. You may also be tired of living a "double life;" appearing one way to others while secretly doing things for which you are ashamed.

You and I can wake up in the mornings, look ourselves in the mirror and our loved ones in the eyes, and be excited about a new day. But to do so, we need to receive God's mercy!

We know He loves us even though we don't deserve His love. So, go ahead, admit to God you need His great mercy so you may be forgiven and changed. Every morning you can depend on Him to be faithful to give you mercy, as well as work out everything behind the scenes for your good.

You may have disobeyed God and disappointed yourself today, but you can still have hope for a better day tomorrow!

Accept God's mercy, knowing He loves you and died for you. Then wake up with peace and purpose ready to follow Him into a new day.

  1. Jeff Long, "He Lied So He Could 'Be a Hero" Chicago Tribune (11-22-05). Stolen Valor 22 Nov 2005, Page 2-2, accessed June 22, 2021.

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