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Annual Update


Our Mission:

We guide churches to a renewed vision and mission so families and communities may discover life worth living in Christ.

Our Vision:

Healthy, maturing, and multiplying churches that impact future generations.

Our Ministry:

We give thanks for every opportunity!

Challenging Leaders

Some of the ministry opportunities the Lord gave us this year included this meeting with pastors and church leaders from around Appling and Jeff Davis Counties in Georgia. Debbie and I served in Baxley for a number of years and still treasure our friendships and the amazing memories of how God worked among us. Recently, I was thrilled to be invited back to encourage them as they prepare for an area-wide crusade with Evangelist Rick Gage.

Challenging church leaders to "‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him’ ” (Mk. 1:13).

I also enjoyed breakfast with several members of the Crusade Steering Committee. They are working hard to get every evangelical church in the area to join them in this great effort. Reuniting with old friends and seeing that many are still passionate about our Lord and reaching the lost was a great joy.

To my left: Rick Brown, Shaun Lewis, Scotty Orvin, Michael Beecher

Preaching and Teaching


A pre-publication copy of Following Christ Together

After receiving enthusiastic reviews, I have been talking with publishers and may have found someone who wants to help us publish our first book, Following Christ Together. Pray we get it into as many churches as possible. I originally designed it for new member discipleship and assimilation. Then I found that it is a great tool to help churches unite around the Master and His Mission.

We need the Lord's intervention to reverse the downward trend of our churches.

  • Following Christ Together is a tool I use to call churches to reevaluate their priorities, "clear the deck" of distractions, and focus on Christ and His Mission.

  • Following Christ Together is powerful and relevant. Those attending have no problem paying attention, but my teaching goes beyond short-lived emotions. When people hear the word of God and believe it, we may expect repentance, prayer, and surrender to follow.

  • Following Christ Together is a tool filled with the word of God to position churches for revival and revitalization. When used by a passionate, engaging leader, it is perfect for helping new and prospective members set a course to follow Christ into the future with their new church family!

  • Following Christ Together is simple and practical. The Leaders Guide has step-by-step instructions for making the most of the training. It contains valuable insight to help you address important topics and added valuable resources, such as templates and tools to help you provide the best experience for your students.

  • Following Christ Together has follow-up built into the process. By using the pre- and post-surveys along with the course, you can ensure your students have gained understanding and are ready to apply what they have learned. By the grace of God and the support of fellow members, new members will be connected to small groups and have a place to serve. With the foundation having been laid, assimilation and discipleship will be well underway.

For more information on how Following Christ Together can be used to unite church members, strengthen believers, and be the runway whereby new believers are launched into a life of purpose and partnership with fellow members, contact us!

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the ministry. We are scheduling for 2023. If you wish to schedule a revival, workshop, customized consultation, or special event, now is the time. Only God can bring repentance, revival, and revitalization to our lives and churches. Beware of putting off what God is leading you to do. Preparation is the key to success.

Finally, would you pray about how the Lord would have you help Life Worth Living Ministries?

Because of friends like you, we can join God in His work at churches of all sizes––especially those in the greatest need!

With love and gratitude,

Galatians 2:20

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