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A Four-legged "Angel"?

Many years ago, I was arriving home late one evening after working the second shift at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. As I turned left on my street, my eyes saw a van backed into a driveway at a home under construction. Since it was after midnight, I didn’t need to be a detective to know something was wrong. So, I went home and reported to the police that it appeared someone was stealing building supplies.

Not content to hope the thieves were caught, I decided I would drive by for a closer look. It had been 15 long minutes and the police had not arrived so I decided I was going to shine my headlights on the van so I could describe it to the police. When I turned into the driveway and my lights lit up the van, two men came from either side of the van walking quickly my way and were near the doors of my car before I could react. Needless to say, they were none too happy to see me.

Suddenly a full-grown Rottweiler came out of the night, jumped through my open window, across my lap, and sat upright in the seat beside me.

The thieves were as surprised as I was, and they quickly backed away with one at the front of my car while the other got in the van. The attitude of the men changed from angry to friendly in a moment. Now they wanted to ask me about the dog.

“Is that your dog?”

“Where did he come from?

“Are you sure he’s not your dog?”

All along, I am happy to stall them in hopes the police would soon arrive.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lights of the police cruiser turned down the street. The officer parked with his lights on both my car and the van. As soon as he got out of his car, the big, black rottweiler walked across my lap and jumped out the window as quickly as it had come into the car.

With the thieves now in a rather awkward position, I drove home wondering what had happened. Friends have suggested the “Rotty” was an angel. I have no idea. I do know God has used dogs to comfort me and encourage me throughout my life. I also know He has protected me countless times and in countless ways—most of which, I am sure I didn’t even know.

This experience does remind me that God created angels to serve Him. As you study the Bible, you will find numerous examples of God using these mighty beings. 34 books in the Bible refer to angels (17 in OT and 17 in NT).

The New Testament word for angel is, “messenger” and delivering a message from God is one of their functions. Angels are also described as revealing God’s presence, providing protection, deliverance, and guidance, or even bringing death and destruction.

Although they are spirit beings (Heb. 1:7), angels have appeared as humans and humans have resembled angels. Because of how David helped a foreign king, he was compared to an angel sent from God (1 Sam. 29:9). Stephen’s accusers said his face was like that of an angel (Acts 6:15).

Did you know angels came to Christ following His temptation and served Him (Mt. 4:11)? We shouldn’t be surprised at angels serving the Lord Who created them, but would you be surprised to know they are also assigned to help us?

One of the most beautiful descriptions of angels is how they watch over “little ones” and have constant access to the Father in heaven (Mt. 18:10).

But do they protect everyone?

Angels are sent to serve those who receive salvation (Heb. 1:14). We all need salvation and God’s protection in this world. Angels are one of the ways He protects His people.

But why do we need protection?

The same created being called Satan who was an angel in heaven foolishly led one-third of the angels in heaven in a revolt against God. The deceiver’s vain attempt only resulted in him being cast down to earth along with the other rebels to await their eternal punishment.

Since then, it has been Satan’s goal to undermine God’s plans to have a relationship with mankind. By leading Adam and Eve to disobey God, sin entered the world and passed from generation to generation bringing death and destruction on all mankind.

This is why the Son of God died and rose from the dead; to satisfy God’s wrath against sin so we could become children of God.

If you think it is great that God has assigned an angel to watch over you, then try to grasp that He did not just send angels to help us, but His very own Son died and rose from the dead for you and now is at the Father’s right hand in heaven speaking on our behalf!

Oh, the Lord Jesus is infinitely greater than angels! So, thank God for His angels, but praise Him for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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